Gorka Guruzeta Undergoes Surgery To Repair A Sports Hernia


Gorka Guruzeta underwent surgery to repair a sports hernia (@gorkaguru9)

Gorka Guruzeta is one of the most exciting players to come through Lezama in recent memory. This season with Bilbao Athletic he managed to lead the team in scoring, with 18 goals, and solidified himself as one of the best players in the Segunda B. It was recently announced that he will spend the preseason with the first team where he will be hoping to convince new manager Eduardo Berizzo to keep him in the squad. His future looks very bright and it was interesting to recently find out that he actually played most of the season while dealing with an injury.

On Saturday Athletic Club announced that Guruzeta had undergone surgery to repair a sports hernia that had been bothering the 21-year-old for most of the season. It is believed that he will be fully recovered by early next month and may even be ready to join his teammates when preseason training begins on 9 July. Of course, his availability will all depend on how his recovery goes because everyone’s bodies respond to things differently.

For those who aren’t aware, a sports hernia is a condition in which soft tissue protrudes through a weak point in the abdominal wall. Once this happens it can be extremely painful, especially when doing something forceful such as coughing, stretching, or lifting.  Sports hernias, also known as inguinal hernias, do not repair themselves over time and often require a simple surgery to move the soft tissue back into the correct space and repair the abdominal wall. This is the procedure that Guruzeta underwent on Saturday and it has likely been scheduled for a while now.

The fact that Guruzeta was able to play for so long with a sports hernia is impressive, but also likely means that it wasn’t a serious case. Regardless, the condition is still very painful, especially for someone who is running, jumping, and kicking a ball. Although he will be looking forward to training with the first team this summer, his goal right now is to rest and take the necessary steps to complete a full recovery following surgery.


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