Eduardo Berizzo Is Already Getting Used To Life In Bilbao


Eduardo Berizzo with Unai Emery, Eneko Atxa, and Ernesto Valverde (El Correo)

When Eduardo Berizzo was presented as the new manager of Athletic Club he gave a press conference during which he completely endeared himself to the fans. From saying that he wants to learn Euskera to talking up the club’s unique policy, it was hard to walk away afterwards and not feel as though Toto has a grasp on what is important. He said,  “I want to belong and be part of this club’s philosophy. My desire is to belong to the atmosphere that surrounds the team, this stadium, this team, and this city”. So far he is certainly living up to that statement.

On Friday the new manager visited the restaurant of famous Basque chef, Eneko Atxa. He wasn’t alone. Berizzo was also accompanied by former Athletic manager, Ernesto Valverde, and new Arsenal manager Unai Emery, who is also Basque. The trio shared a table and took a photo with Atxa afterwards that blew up on social media. The following day, Berizzo made the trip to Madrid to watch Athletic’s Juvenil team play the second leg of their Copa draw against Rayo Vallecano. Toto’s family still live in Madrid, but he was accompanied by right-hand man Ernesto Marucci and Athletic Sporting Director, José Mariá Amorrortu.

In all honesty, Berizzo has wanted to coach Athletic Club for a while now. After many talks with Marcelo Bielsa his desire grew and, once it became clear that he was going to be the new manager, he immediately began preparing for the job. Over the past two months he has been studying the first team, the reserves, and Lezama as a whole. Athletic recently gave him an entire breakdown of players at the youth academy and the Argentine has been meticulously planning the preseason training sessions. The club also recently announced that Berizzo has called up six players from Bilbao Athletic to spend the summer with the first team.

Berizzo made it clear that he wanted to hit the ground running and that is exactly what he has done. In a summer that promises to see several changes at the club, Berizzo already looks in control of things and focused on making Athletic a better team. His desire is to bring back beautiful, winning football at the San Mamés and that already has fans excited for the future. At this point the new manager is doing everything right, including connecting with the culture and identity, and the fans are definitely taking notice.

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