Athletic One Of Only Three La Liga Clubs With No Debt

Much has been made about the way that Athletic Club is run and the way they make decisions. From their Basque-only player policy to never negotiating to sell a player for less than their release clause, everything about Athletic is unconventional and doesn’t line up with how football clubs are run today. That being said, the Basque giants take immense pride in their unique way of operating and it continues to produce success, both on and off the pitch.

A recent financial report released by Marcahas shown Athletic to be one of only three clubs in La Liga that are not in debt. At the conclusion of the 2016/2017 season Athletic were found to be in a surplus of €32.11 million. With Aymeric Laporte having left in January after Manchester City paid his €65 million release clause, their surplus should be nearly doubled at this point. Now that the season has officially ended there will hopefully be new financial reports released in the coming months.

Athletic’s financial stability is even more impressive when compared to other clubs. The two other teams who currently have no debt are Eibar, with a surplus of €1.07 million, and Celta Vigo with a surplus of €4.97 million. Both are far cries from Athletic Club’s net €32 million. Meanwhile, the other end of the spectrum finds the big three of Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid) who are a combined €1.61 billion in debt.

To most in the world of football, Athletic Club may come across as strange. The Lions believe in defending their own values and have placed an emphasis on what they find important to their identity. Considering the fact that they just broke their transfer record by purchasing Iñigo Martinez for €32 million and opened a brand new stadium in 2013, seeing the club in such strong financial shape should be a massive source of pride and respect for fans and everyone at Athletic Club.

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