After Leaving Bilbao Athletic, Oli Feels That He Wasn’t Treated Fairly At The Club


Oli doesn’t feel that he was treated fairly while at Bilbao Athletic (MD)

Lezama has become widely revered as one of the top football academies in the world. Every year young players climb the ranks and establish themselves in Athletic’s first team, achieving a dream they have had since kids. Unfortunately, there is only so much room in the senior squad and the majority of academy players never get the chance to play at the San Mamés. That being the case, one of the saddest times of every year is when the club announces players who are leaving in order to continue their careers elsewhere.

One of those announcements came on Tuesday when Athletic revealed that five Bilbao Athletic players would not have their contracts renewed, while also stating that six players who had spent the year on loan where also leaving. Most players tend to respond by posting a goodbye letter on social media, thanking the club and the fans for their support while at the club. Forward Andoni Fernández Jordán, commonly known as Oli, went in a slightly different direction. In his post saying goodbye he also stated that he doesn’t believe the club treated him fairly or gave him the opportunities to succeed Here is the entirety of his message.

“I am now ending my career at Athletic where I’ve had good times, but especially two very bad years in which only those players who have found themselves in my situation will understand. Athletic has not, at any time, given me the opportunity I think I deserved after two years of hard work and despite this I have continued to give my best effort without losing my hope or smile. I have given everything for this club although I have not received the same in return since they didn’t even let me leave on loan to find those minutes that a 21-year-old player deserves. Even so, I would like to thank the people who showed me their support and helped me in the good times and bad moments. I just hope that from today forward I can enjoy football and know what it’s like to have my work valued. Even though I despise these last few years I will always say…AUPA ATHLETIC!”

Oli joined Lezama in 2006 when he was just 10 years old. He was promoted to Bilbao Athletic in 2016 where he has featured in only 19 games over the past two years. The young forward clearly believes that he should have been allowed to leave on loan in order to play regular minutes but, for whatever reason, the club did not make choose that path for the forward. It is never good to see a player feel so badly about his time at a club, especially considering that Oli spent 11 years at Athletic, but hopefully he will now have the chance to further his career somewhere else and find the joy that every footballer deserves.

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