Herrerín: My Time At Athletic May Be Finished

Athletic Club have a very difficult decision to make this summer as they will have three extraordinary keepers and only room for two. Kepa Arrizabalaga is the unquestioned starter and Iago Herrerín has featured as his backup and as the team’s cup keeper, but Alex Remiro just finished up a terrific season on loan with Huesca in which he has proven that he is ready for the next step in his career. The best case scenario would be for Remiro to stay on loan with Huesca in the Primera while Herrerín continues behind Kepa, but that isn’t what the 30-year-old wants. In a recent interview with Cope Bilbao, Herrerín said that he hasn’t played as much as he wants and that he will meet with the club to discuss his future.

Iago Herrerin

Iago Herrerín does not want to be a backup next season (El Correo)

“I have not been a starter in six years at Athletic. Next year, or this summer rather, I will have to study offers from interested teams and talk to the club to see about what can happen and what I want. Every time I play I do well, but I understand why I am a substitute. It is logical for each club and each coach to cover their backs. I recently renewed my contract because they showed a lot of faith in me. We will have to meet face to face and discuss the situation. I realize that the goalkeeper coming behind me are spectacular, but I am 30 years old and need to play regularly.”

When asked about what his future may hold, Herrerín admitted that his time at Athletic may be coming to an end. He believes that he has proven that he can be a regular starter and would like to pursue that opportunity because he knows that he will not be overtaking Kepa Arrizabalaga at Athletic Club. Herrerín did not play at all in the team’s final three months and said that it was very difficult to handle.

“My time at Athletic may be finished because every time I have played I have competed at a high level, nobody can question that, but I have not achieved the continuity that I want. I want to enjoy playing football regularly. Kepa is a bulwark of the club, just like other great players here. He’s going to the World Cup. This has been a difficult season to endure both physically and mentally because sometimes it seems like you are going to play and then you don’t. The last three months I didn’t play and I wanted to at least some.”

If Herrerín does ask to leave the club this summer then Alex Remiro would be the logical choice to replace him in the team. The only problem with this scenario is that Remiro also needs to keep playing regularly in order to continue his development. It was recently reported that the 23-year-old will sign a contract renewal that will include a loan move to Huesca next season which could complicate things further. In the end, if Remiro is loaned out and Herrerín asks to leave, Athletic would find themselves in need of a new backup keeper this summer.

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