Ziganda: I’m Very Sorry For The Year We Have Had

Kuko Ziganda coached his last game as Athletic Club manager on Sunday when the Lions hosted Espanyol at the San Mamés in the final game of the season. Despite wanting to finish the year strong, Athletic conceded a goal from an early corner kick and were unable to find the equalizer as they fell 1-0. After the game Ziganda addressed the media and was quick to apologize for the disappointing season, saying that as the coach he carries the most blame and is the one responsible for the results.

Kuko Ziganda

Kuko Ziganda is sad that he wasn’t able to get the best out of Athletic Club (El Correo)

“I’m frustrated, disappointed, and sad. I’m very sorry for the year we have had. As a member I see how the year has gone and I think it’s been poor. As a coach, this was an amazing opportunity but nothing went well. This is football and you have to accept that. I am responsible for the team because I am the one in charge. I have not been the solution the team needed and I carry the most responsibility for how the season has gone. On the other hand, I know that in football there are peaks and valleys. Life goes on and the best thing is to learn from the difficult times.”

Ziganda went on to say that Sunday’s loss was indicative of the season that Athletic had, especially at the San Mamés. He had dreamed of coaching Athletic for a long time and said that getting the job last summer was an amazing opportunity, but things just didn’t go well and he understands that the team needed to make a change. He believes that big changes are coming this summer and, as a fan of the club, he hopes that the next manager can get things back on the right track.

“Today’s game was a reflection of how the season has gone, especially at home. We have not been able to overcome our opponents, neither physically nor mentally. This loss hurts because it shows how the entire season has been for us. The year was not going to change for us but I believed that if we just played our best we could turn things around. Today we put ourselves behind with an early goal and were unable to get back into the game. It’s been a disappointing year but the key for this club is to move forward. We have enjoyed very little, but the good thing is that in July things can improve. There will be a lot of changes made. Any reinforcement that come in will be good for the team. There will be new dynamics and new ideas next season. This year we lacked a lot and this summer things will hopefully turn around.”

Athletic Club have already reached an agreement with Eduardo Berizzo who could be presented as the new manager as early as next week. The Argentine has already been studying the team and Lezama in preparing for the preseason and has been involved in discussions for possible summer transfers. Big changes are coming this offseason and that should have fans excited as the Basque giants will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing season.

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