Ziganda: We Want To Put On A Performance Like We Did Against Real Betis

Kuko Ziganda will coach his finally game as Athletic Club this Sunday when the Lions will host Espanyol at the San Mamés. His first year in charge of the team has not gone as planned and he will be leaving the club after this weekend’s match, but he is only focused on this game. Ziganda conducted his pregame press conference on Saturday and was asked about the fact that he only has 16 first team players available, something that he believes you just have to accept because you can’t ever change the situation.


Kuko Ziganda will coach his final game at Athletic Club on Sunday (AC)

“As I usually say, it is just better to accept things the way that they are. We cannot change anything, so we just have to make the best decisions possible. It is the last game of the year and we want to put on a performance like we did against Betis. We were able to play well and the fans were happy. It would be good to start with a lot of energy but we are facing an opponent that is playing well. We always need to start strong.”

Reporters went on to ask Ziganda what kind of reception he thinks he will get from the fans in his final game, but the manager has no idea at this point. He knows that it has been an extremely disappointing season and all he wants to do is end the season with a great performance that gives the fans something to be excited about. His team has prepared as if this is just another game.

“I honestly don’t know. The development of this season has been difficult, but I know that the fans are very patient. They are always hopeful and if we play well they will be there to support the team. They want to see something exciting. In the end I really don’t know what the reaction will but, but if the game goes well I’m sure the fans will enjoy it. We have not achieved what we wanted this year, but I am only focused on this game. We have prepared normally.”

Due to so many injuries and suspensions on the final day of the season, Kuko Ziganda only has 16 players available. Normally he would just call up players from Bilbao Athletic, but the Katxorros are also playing on Sunday in the first leg of their playoff tie against Villarreal B. With that being the case, Ziganda called up Dani Vivian and Victor San Bartolomé who are both unlikely to featured for the reserve side.


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