Hector Rincón And Mathys Lunel Will Join Lezama Next Season

Unlike most clubs across the globe, Athletic Club’s youth system is viewed with the same importance as the first team. Due to the club’s Basque-only policy there is a massive emphasize on developing young players who will one day player a major role at the San Mamés and that is why the Lions are constantly adding top talent to their academy. Every summer new players join Lezama, which is where most of the club’s transfers take place. So far Athletic have already made two new signings – Aviron Bayonnais’s Mathys Lunel and Osasuna’s Hector Rincón.


Athletic Club will add two new players to Lezama next season (Optimus)

Mathys Lunel has been participating with Athletic in various tournaments over the last three years but was not allowed to join Lezama until he turned 16 due to international regulations. Now that he is eligible he will be officially joining the youth system starting next season. His current club announced the move while also saying that the attacking midfielder was scouted by many other clubs but decided to make the move to Athletic because of his attachment to the Basque Country. In fact, he has already competed with the Basque U16 team and is bilingual. In September he will join the French School of Bilbao in Zamudio which is very close to the Lezama facilities. Lunel was scouted by Athletic’s Álvaro Pérez and Mikel Busto who continue to do great work in Iparralde (the French Basque Country).

According to Carrusel Deportivo NavarraHector Rincón will also join Lezama for the upcoming season after making the decision to leave Osasuna. He was one of the best players on the Cadete A team that topped their group with 83 points and has featured for the Navarrese U15 and U16 teams. The right-sided player was one of the most promising footballers in his age group at Osasuna so the move is sure to be met with some anger. Rincón is the first Osasuna starlet to make the switch to Athletic since the Lions signed Jesús Areso last summer by paying his €450,000 release clause.

Athletic’s policy of fielding only players born or formed in the Basque Country means that they must identify top talent at an early age and bring them to Lezama. Sometimes the most important transfers take place at the youth level and that is why fans can always be excited over moves like these. At the end of the day it is imperative to remember that these are still kids and they should be respected as such. At this point their only goal at Lezama is to have fun, work hard, and continue developing as footballers.

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