Raúl García Undergoes Operation To Correct A Mild Cardiac Arrhythmia

In the summer of 2016, one year after joining Athletic Club, a medical check found that Raúl García had a slight arrhythmia in his heart. The doctors recommended a reduced workload for the midfielder who was preparing for the start of the season. After a while he was sidelined for an entire month to recover and was quickly back with his teammates and played the rest of the season without any problems. The issue has apparently never fully gone away as Athletic revealed during a press release on Monday afternoon.

Raul Garcia

Raúl García has undergone surgery to correct a heart arrhythmia (La Liga)

Athletic Club announced that Raúl García had undergone a procedure to “correct a mild cardiac arrhythmia”. The procedure took place at IMQ Zorrotzaurre Clinic where he stayed overnight and was discharged on Tuesday. The operation went according to plan and the 31-year-old is already back home to begin his recovery process. For those who are unaware, an arrhythmia occurs when the electrical impulses in the heart do not function properly which results in an irregular heartbeat. As expected, the club made it clear that his season is over with two games remaining on the calendar.

Having the procedure now will give García the entire summer to rest and recover, which likely had at least something to do with the timing of the decision. The midfielder has enjoyed a productive season scoring 11 goals in total, including 10 in La Liga which leads all Athletic Club players. The 31-year-old is also entering the final year of his contract but sources have reported that the goal is to sign García to an extension over the summer as he is still very clearly a vital part of the team. He has even stated himself that he is happy in Bilbao and doesn’t think contract negotiations will be an issue in any way.

The club hasn’t revealed how long the recovery process is expected to take, but due to the nature of the surgery many sources believe that Rulo, as he is affectionately known, should be recovered before the new season begins in a few months. Being one of the fiercest competitors in all of football, García will be fighting to get back on the pitch as quickly as possible but the most important thing right now is his health and recovery. Iker Muniain is expected to feature in place of Raúl García in the final two games of the season just like he did against Real Betis.

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