Julen Guerrero Believes That Athletic May Be Building The Foundation Of The Future

Athletic Club’s disappointing season already has fans looking forward to the summer when changes will ultimately be made. Despite failing to qualify for Europe and play at a high level consistently, there are some things that fans can get excited about. Club legend Julen Guerrero recently gave an interview and touched on the positive points around the club this year, highlighting the young talent that has been incorporated into the squad.

Julen Guerrero

Julen Guerrero believes this season can be a building block for the future (EDB)

“The only thing that remains is to finish the season with pride and in the best way possible. There is work to be done for the future because there are young players like Kepa Arrizabalaga, Unai Nuñez, and Iñigo Córdoba. It is not easy to come from the lower level and settle in the team in one year. Perhaps it is better to lay the foundations for the future and maybe that is what is being done right now.”

Guerrero went on to say that, with Athletic’s unique policy, it is natural that there will be years of transition and that it is during those times that you have to focus on the positive and the growth. He believes that this season may turn out to be one that you can look back on and see that the club was building the foundation of the future. There can be difficult years for clubs like Athletic and Guerrero believes that the club and the fans must accept that fact.

“Not every year goes the way you want and, with Athletic’s philosophy, there is always a year of transition. You have to take away the positive things like the new and young players who are playing well and the fact that Kepa has settled in at goal. Athletic has nothing left but to accept that fact. The team has had a lot of important injuries and some players who may not have played at their expected level. Now the team seems to be finishing well. It isn’t a season to achieve major goals or be close to Europe, but we must be aware of the difficulties that can exist in a team like Athletic.”

Big changes will be coming to Athletic this summer and that is something to already be looking forward to. Ander Capa, Cristian Ganea, and Dani Garcia will all be joining the team and all signs point to Eduardo Berizzo becoming the new manager. For the time being the Lions have four games remaining on the schedule and the players are focused on finishing the season as strong as possible.

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