Asier Garitano: I Haven’t Spoken With Anyone At Athletic Club

Athletic Club’s managerial search has been in full swing for over a month now and the carousel has been constantly changing. At first it looked certain that Leganés manager Asier Garitano would be taking over, but soon the likes of Thomas Tuchel and Eduardo Berizzo surpassed him. Now Berizzo is the name that everyone claims will be the next manager, but the story could continue to evolve. In a recent interview Garitano said that he knows his name has been linked with a number of clubs, but that he is only focused on reaching the club’s objectives right now.

Asier Garitano

Asier Garitano says he hasn’t spoken with anyone at Athletic Club (AS)

“The media have placed my name in a number of teams. I understand that I said I’m first trying to reach our objectives and from that point on we would see which direction both parties [Garitano and Leganés] take. I have not negotiated with Leganés. They have discussed a purely economic idea, but we haven’t negotiated. The economic issue is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the sport. I have a good contract. I want more, I want to stay. I’m not focused on the money, I want to improve in points and in players.”

When asked if he had spoken with Athletic Club, Garitano quickly shut down the idea. He said that there will be no talks with any club until objectives for this season are reached, and even then Leganés will be the first team he will talk with. There were also reports that Athletic turned to other options due to Garitano’s low profile as a manager, something he doesn’t know anything about because he is only focused on his way of coaching, not matter what club he is overseeing.

“No, no, no I haven’t talked with Athletic. Not at all. There has been zero contact. I have already said that, until we achieve our objectives this season, there will be no talks with anyone. If we achieve our objectives, the first one we will talk to will be Leganés. I don’t know what will happen from then on. I know what has been reported about Athletic, but I have not spoken with anyone there. That is for sure. I do not know about my low profile. I don’t know anything about that. My way of training isn’t low, high, or anything. When I am at a club I try to get the most out of the players whether it be Bayern, Athletic, or Leganés.”

Asier Garitano is finishing the final year of his contract with Leganés and has been highly successful since taking over at the club back in 2013. Right now it seems that his name isn’t on the top of Athletic’s list with Eduardo Berizzo reportedly in advanced negotiations with the Basque giants. Still, Garitano is an up and coming manager and someone to keep a close eye on in the coming years.

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