Raúl García: We Want To Show Our Best Level

Raúl García has been one of the most important players for Athletic Club since joining in 2015. His experience, aggression, and eye for goal are all big reasons for his success at the San Mamés. However, the shortcomings of this season have affected even him as his tally has lessened. In a recent interview with EiTB, the 31-year-old admitted that the fans expect the same form as in recent seasons and that he isn’t worried about future contract renewal negotiations.

Raul Garcia

Raúl García understands the demands of the fans (Image via La Liga)

“We came off of very good seasons in which the level of demand was the highest and the team responded well. The moment you start to fall down a bit people are used to what they have seen and they expect that same level. It’s true that the last few years have been good for me. Right now I’m taking it day to day. I’m happy that the club is happy with me and my work. When the day comes for us to talk about this [a new contract] it will be quite easy.”

Rulo, as he is affectioned called, also pointed out that Athletic has been successful against Celta Vigo. The Lions have won five of the last six meetings, and have only been beaten at the San Mamés once in the last six matches there against Celta. The midfielder went on to say that the fans have demanded a lot of the team, and that is necessary.

“The last few home games against Celta the team has played well and we have been victorious so that is what we are focused on. We want to show our best level and start adding points. The demand of the fans sound bad, but they are the ones that have to demand the most from us. The team always needs the fans because they are the ones who have always been there and showed us affection when we needed it the most.”

Athletic Club are currently eight points off of the last European spot in the La Liga table with nine games remaining. Five of these games will be played at home and the players have been firm about their desire to win all of them. They know that soaring up the table to seventh place will be extremely difficult, but they also don’t see it as impossible. Saturday’s match against Celta is being viewed as the jumping off point and that makes it a must win affair.

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