Iker Muniain Close To Receiving Medical Green Light To Return From Torn ACL

Tragedy struck Athletic Club back in late September when Iker Muniain suffered a torn ACL in a Europa League match against Zorya Luhansk. The winger had arguably been the team’s most impactful player over the last year and was now seemingly lost for the season. It was the second torn ACL of his career and he was immediately ruled out for at least six months. Yet, rather than be in a sour mood Muniain took it all in stride and vowed to be back as quickly as possible.

Iker Muniain

Iker Muniain is close to receiving the medical green light (AS)

Fast forward to now and his return is just around the corner. A few weeks ago he was able to return to training and now he is able to participate in almost every drill on a daily basis. In fact, sources close to Athletic claim that he is very close to receiving the medical green light that will allow him to finally return to the pitch.

With Muniain’s return getting closer there is a lot to be excited about. Next season the club should be in a better place and having a healthy Muniain will only make them better. However, the 25-year-old isn’t looking to next season just yet, he’s been focused on this one. The Lezama product is hopeful that he can actually return to the field before the season ends and that has left fans with mixed emotions.

On one side fans are ecstatic about the star being back on the pitch and impacting games; plus it would be good for him to start getting back in playing shape as quickly as possible. On the other side a large group of fans are worried about re-injury and don’t believe it is worth the risk when there really isn’t anything left to play for. Some neutrals have pointed out the fact that, if he is given the medical green light, then he is good to go which means that whether he comes back now or in a few months there is no difference.

Regardless of when Muniain does make his long awaited return, there will be plenty excitement. It is easy to wonder what this season would have been like if the 25-year-old had been healthy because he has been such a driving force of creativity, which the team desperately lacked this year. Timing aside, the 25-year-old is very close and that is definitely something worth celebrating.

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