Herrerín: I Want To Succeed Here

Iago Herrerín is in a very interesting position with Athletic Club. The cup goalkeeper has had plenty of minutes over the last few seasons due to the club’s consistent presence in Europe, but it doesn’t look like the Lions will be qualifying this season. That means the 30-year-old will likely have to settle for Copa del Rey games as Kepa Arrizabalaga is, without question, the starter in league play. Herrerín was recently a guest on Radio Marca Bilbao and was quick to admit that he wants to play, but that he also wants to succeed at Athletic.

Iago Herrerin

Iago Herrerín wants to compete for his place at Athletic Club (AthleticTV)

“I want to succeed here. I’ve always been open and face to face with the club. Nobody likes to go without playing, including me, but I want to succeed here. In the preseason we will see what the coach wants to do with the rotation. There is a lot of competition here. Kepa, Alex Remiro and Unai Simón are all great goalkeepers. Any club in the world would like to have a list of keepers like we have here at Athletic. Kepa is special. He can become a legend at Athletic.”

Whoever becomes the new Athletic manager this season will have a difficult decision to make. Kepa is rooted in his place in the team, and Herrerín should be as well. However, the club does have two starlets waiting in for their chances. Alex Remiro and Unai Simón have both been making their cases to take the next step in their careers so it will be an interesting story to keep an eye on. Herrerín is expected to retain his role in the team, meaning Remiro will likely leave on loan again, but he has been the odd man out before. Last year he left on loan after seeing Gorka Iraizoz and Kepa both preferred. There is no way of knowing right now if that could happen again with someone like Remiro, but it isn’t unimaginable.

Regardless, Herrerín has proven that he can play at the highest level and it is easy to sympathize with him for wanting to play as much as possible. This will like be a situation that the new manager will have to make a final decision on, but for now there is nothing suggesting that the keeper will be making an exit this summer. The real question seems to be what will happen with Alex Remiro. As Herrerín mentioned, this is a problem that Athletic has to figure out, but most clubs around the world wish they had the same issue.

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