Iñaki: Aduriz, Raúl García, And Kuko Always Tell Me To Look For The Goal

Iñaki Williams is one of the most popular and influential players at Athletic Club. Despite being only 23 years old, he is already viewed as one of the team’s best players and a star of the future. He grew up in Lezama as a striker but moved to the right wing in the first team, which has seen him score fewer goals than in his youth. He recently spoke with ETB about his lack of scoring and said that he wants to improve every single day and to give joy to the fans in everything he does at Athletic Club.


Iñaki Williams and Aritz Aduriz celebrate a goal (La Liga)

“I know that star strikers are measured by their goals in big matches. I look for that demand, so that I can improve and surpass myself every day to become a better player. I want to score goals above all else and that is what I like to do. My expectations are to reach as far as possible and try to give joy to the fans in everything I do at Athletic. I’ve had the opportunity to play as a forward and it’s true that I feel very comfortable there. I will play wherever I am asked to play and will give everything I can to help my teammates. Every striker wants to score goals, but we should not be discouraged when we don’t. We must continue working hard because we also do a lot more”

The 23-year-old went on to say that not scoring goals can stick in a player’s mind, but that you have to move on and get better in training. He demands a lot of himself and says that teammates and the coach always tell him to look for the goal and not cross as much. In the end, he is looking to improve his game every single day.

“After not scoring, you spend the next few days bothered by it, but you learn in every day of training to get better and move past it. I demand a lot of myself because I want to score goals. I want to do the best I can with the support and affection of my teammates and the fans. Aduriz, Raúl García, and Kuko, who was a forward, always try to help me and tell me to look for the goal. They tell me to take shots at the goalkeeper, but also not to cross too much. I am trying to improve my effectiveness in every training.”

Iñaki Williams and Athletic Club will be back in action on 10 September when they will host newly promoted Girona at the San Mamés. Iñaki Williams has yet to score a goal this season, but has played at a high level. Whether playing as the striker or right-wingers, the 23-year-old just wants to help the team and be the best player that he possibly can.

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