Leganes Have Shown Interest In Signing Five Athletic Club Players

Athletic Club has officially begun preseason training and Cuco Ziganda currently ha a squad of 27 players. When you factor in the returns of Inaki Williams, Kepa Arrizabalaga, and Yeray that number grows to 30 in total. Even though the manager doesn’t have a predetermined number of players that he wants in the squad, it is clear that 30 is far too many. Some will have to leave this summer and one club is hoping to welcome a few with open arms.

Ager Aketxe

Aketxe is one of five players that Leganes have shown interest in (Image via La Liga)

According to a report from Javi Martin of ASLeganes are currently monitoring the situations of five Athletic Club players in hopes of signing some when Ziganda eventually trims down his squad.

Two of the players are very familiar with Leganes. Iago Herrerin spent last season on loan at the club and really enjoyed his time as the starting keeper. If he doesn’t continue at Athletic, Leganes would love a reunion. Likewise, Javi Eraso joined Leganes from Bilbao Athletic back in 2013 before making his return to the San Mames in 2015. The midfield at Athletic is already overly full and Eraso may be the one who has to depart this summer.

Speaking of midfielders, the three other players catching Leganes’ eye are Ager Aketxe, Mikel Vesga, and Mikel Rico. Aketxe and Vesga had brilliant seasons when they left Athletic on loan last year and many believe that they have firmly solidified their place in Cuco Ziganda’s team. That being said, there still may not be enough minutes to go around to all of the midfielders. Meanwhile, Mikel Rico knows that his time at Athletic is coming to an end as well. The 32-year-old is a veteran, but he’s getting pushed out by younger players like Vesga. Leganes would love to add him to their squad to provide strength and leadership.

Of all the players mentioned above, Leganes have placed Aketxe, Eraso, and Vesga above all the rest. The club really needs to strengthen their midfield and all three would provide something different in the middle of the pitch. While Aketxe and Vesga may be dream signings at this point, a move for Eraso does seem the most likely of the five. In the end, it will all come down to Cuco Ziganda to decide who will have to leave in order to trim down the squad and Leganes is patiently waiting.

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