Athletic Will Compete In The U17 Club World Cup In August

Lezama has become one of the most recognized youth academies in European football, due to the club’s Basque-only policy and the fact that the first team is heavily made up of home-grown stars. Athletic is always looking for ways to grow and improve at the youth level as well as showcase their talent to the world. That being the case, the Cachorros will be competing in an illustrious tournament in Madrid during the month of August.


Athletic will play in the U17 Club World Cup (Image via

It was recently reported by our friends at that Athletic will officially be competing in the U17 Club World Cup that will take place in the city of Madrid. This tournament will take place between 21-30 August.

The Cachorros last participated in the U17 Club World Cup back in 2012 and were led by a team consisting of Iker Undabarrena, Alex Remiro, Oscar Gil, Markel Etxeberria and others. Athletic has yet to release the names of any of the players that will take part in this year’s tournament, but it will be a great opportunity for young stars to show what they are capable of to the football world.

Real Madrid, who won last year’s tournament, will once again host the youth tournament. Athletic will also be joined by fellow Spanish side Atletico Madrid, with all other clubs coming from different countries. The other youth clubs are as follows: Inter Milan, Benfica, Cortiba, Palmeiras, Atletico Nacional, Al-Dhafra, and Universidad de Chile. The U17 Club World Cup was created back in 2005 and has seen many different champions over the years.

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