Athletic Will Unveil New Balance Kits On 3 July At The San Mames

Last month it was announced that Athletic Club would be cutting ties with Nike who had been the team’s kit supplier since 2013. The Lions then entered into a six-year contract with New Balance and fans have been impatiently waiting to see the design of the new kits. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait much longer.

Athletic’s new kit will be announced on 3 July (New Balance)

Athletic have announced that they will be unveiling their New Balance Kits for 2017/2018 on 3 July at the San Mames. Fans can watch a live stream of the unveiling on the club’s official website.

Since the new partnership was announced there have been a plethora of “leaked designs” that have surfaced across the internet and social media. So far, neither Athletic nor New Balance have confirmed or denied any of the leaked designs that have been brought up. Normally Kits will be leaked and one will likely end up being the actual new design, meaning fans may have already seen next year’s kit.

Of course, the home shirt will remain the historic red and white stripes but the exact design is yet unknown. There are rumors that the new home shirt may include a collar as well. As far as the other two shirts are concerned, leaked designs have shown many different colors and patterns. Right now there is no real way of knowing what the new kits will look like, but fans will finally get to see them officially on 3 July at the unveiling at the San Mames.

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