Yeray Has Completed His First Day Of Chemotherapy

When is was recently announced that Yeray had suffered a cancer relapse the news sent shockwaves through Bilbao. Fans and teammates rushed to show their support and love for the 22-year-old. From the moment he heard the news, Yeray knew he was in for another fight. He took to social media to thank the fans and said that he was ready to win the second round just like the first and on Tuesday he began that fight.


Yeray announces he’s completed day one of chemotherapy (Image via Yeray)

Yeray posted a picture on social media with his legs up in his living room with the caption “Day 1”. This was a reference to him having completed his first day of chemotherapy just one week after his relapse was diagnosed. The defender wanted to waste no time in beginning his fight and he is expected to return to football in three months if everything goes according to plan.

If Yeray does return in three months then he will be making his comeback in the middle of September. That means he won’t miss very much of the start of the season, but the Lions will be without the defender as they compete in the Europa League qualifiers this summer. Eneko Boveda and Xabi Etxeita are expected to stand in his place alongside Aymeric Laporte in the center of the defense.

Yeray’s doctors recently spoke out about his relapse and recovery and they were certain that he would make a full recovery and return to football very soon. According to one, chemotherapy was ruled out last year in hope that everything had been dealt with surgically. Sometimes surgery isn’t enough and that is why he will not have to undergo the chemotherapy sessions. Regardless, the Lezama product is ready to fight his hardest to return to regular life and once again be a dominate defender in the Athletic Club backline.

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