Yeray: I Will Win This Fight

Last season was huge for Yeray in many ways. He got promoted to the first team, became the starting center-back opposite of Aymeric Laporte, and had to deal with a diagnosis of testicular cancer. He beat the dreaded disease and returned to the pitch to continue playing at a very high level. On Tuesday, he got the worse news possible when a regular scan found an abnormality. It was announced that he would have to undergo chemotherapy and would be out of action for the next three months.

Yeray Alvarez

Yeray will battle cancer for a second time (Image via El Correo)

Those who know Yeray know that he is one of the strongest and most passionate people that you could ever meet. He faced the first diagnosis with strength, courage, and the desire to fight. Now, not even 12 months later, he will have to do it again. On social media he had the following to say about his upcoming battle.

“I got knocked down once and got back up. I’ll stand up one thousand times. When you think you have beaten it, it hits you again and worse than the first time. But don’t worry, I will win this fight too with the strength of everyone who has sent me messages of support. If I have to fight again, I’ll do it.”

Yeray has no plans of leaving football and wants to continue his career as an Athletic Club player. If he is able to return after three months, he would be coming back into the team around the middle of September so he wouldn’t miss too much of the season. Regardless, the most important thing is the player’s health and fully recovering from this unfortunate relapse.

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