Yeray Will Begin Chemotherapy After An Abnormality Was Discovered In His Latest Cancer Screening

It has been a rollercoaster of a year for Yeray. Last summer he was officially promoted to the first team and it didn’t take him long to secure a starting role beside Aymeric Laporte. However, a few months into the season it was discovered that the 22-year-old has testicular cancer which forced him out of action. The defender returned quickly and picked up right where he left off, finishing the season at a high level. On Tuesday, he got the worse news possible.


Yeray will soon begin chemotherapy treatments (Image via ESPNFC)

Athletic Club announced that during a scheduled scan an abnormality was found. Yeray has already left Spain’s U21 training to return home and will immediately begin chemotherapy treatments. In total, he is expected to miss around three months of action.

If all goes according to plan, Yeray is expected to return in the middle of September which means that he shouldn’t miss very much of the season at all. More importantly, this will be the defenders second bout with this terrible issue and the hope is that it can be taken care of fully and quickly. Yeray is an absolutely vital player for Athletic, but the most important thing is his help.

Yeray has beaten this once and showed courage in the face of adversity. Over the last few months he has regularly attended events for testicular cancer awareness where he spoke to crowds and showed his support to those who have also been plagued. Since the announcement, all of his teammates have come out to support him fully, as has many of his Spain U21 teammates. The good news is that he already has a timetable for returning to football, but more importantly we wish him a full and speedy recovery once again.

Aupa Yeray!

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