Rafael Alkorta Is Reportedly A Leading Candidate To Become Ziganda’s Assistant Coach

Cuco Ziganda was officially presented on Thursday as the new Athletic Club manager. During his debut press conference his excitement was clear, as was his belief that the team had the talent to be very successful. However, he also stated that he has not had the time to decide who will be on his staff. There will be plenty of time to make those decisions, but one name is already leading the headlines.

Rafael Alkorta

Alkorta (right) while at Marseille (Image via Marseille)

According to a report from Ramon Suso of Mundo DeportivoRafael Alkorta is one of the leading candidates to become Ziganda’s assistant coach for the upcoming season.

Alkorta was born and raised in Bilbao and has a long history at the club. He joined Lezama when he was ten years old and went on to play in 294 games for the first team. He also enjoyed a stretch with Real Madrid where he formed a solid center-back pairing with Fernando Hierro. He retired from football in 2002 after a very successful career.

Since retiring, Alkorta has had two separate coaching positions. In 2014 he was the assistant coach at Olympiacos before taking the same role at Marseille the following year. Alkorta’s paths crossed with Ziganda at Athletic Club in the 1997-1998 season and the two are said to have a good relationship. As of right now the report only says that Alkorta is a strong candidate, but no decisions have been made yet.

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