SD Amorebieta Interested In Making Joseba Etxeberria Their Next Manager

Joseba Etxeberria is an Athletic legend and, though he has been retired for several years, his time with the club is nowhere near over. The 39-year-old has been very open about the fact that it is his dream to coach the first team and he is actively taking steps to one day reach that goal. This season he took over as manager of CD Basconia, Athletic’s Tercera Division feeder club, and guided the team to a tenth place finish. Due to his success, other clubs have taken interest.

Joseba Etxeberria

Etxeberria dreams of coaching Athletic Club (Image via Athletic TV)

According to a report from Javier Ortiz de Lazcano of El Correo, SD Amorebieta is interested in making Etxeberria their new manager after Aitor Larrazabal, another Athletic legend, left his post following the last match of the season.

Amorebieta is a historic Basque club that was on the brink of relegation earlier this year before eventually surviving the drop by two points with a fourteenth place finish in the Segunda B Group II Table. They have taken a special interest in Etxeberria and are expected to make him and offer within the coming weeks. The club is hopeful that they can bring on the manager to continue building their project, but they are also aware that the decision ultimately depends on Athletic Club.

Etxeberria dreams of coaching Athletic Club and wants to continue climbing the ladder at the youth level. If Ernesto Valverde leaves this summer, Cuco Ziganda is expected to take his place in charge of the first team. That would leave the managerial role at Bilbao Athletic vacant and many believe that Etxeberria would be the first choice to fill that role. Furthermore, there is also a chance that he could become Ziganda’s assistant coach in the first team. The 39-year-old would love to have either position and is waiting to find out what his future holds, but that will likely depend on what decision Valverde makes when the current season ends.

Amorebieta would be a step up from his current role at CD Basconia, but Etxeberria’s heart is in Bilbao. For now, he is waiting to see what Athletic has planned for him next and that will ultimately determine whether or not Amorebieta decides to make him an official offer to become their next manager. He currently has two years left on his contract. Whatever happens, Joseba Etxeberria has a very bright coaching future ahead of him.

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