De Marcos: When You Are Born Of Athletic, You Are Born Lucky

Oscar De Marcos is known as one of the most passionate players at Athletic due to the fact that his entire family grew up fans of the club. He has always been outspoken about his joy of playing for the Basque giants and his commitment is without question. On Saturday, he gave an exclusive interview with EiTB, and discussed what it means to be born an Athletic fan, as well how his role at the club has changed in recent years.


De Marcos says he is lucky to play at Athletic (Image via El Correo)

“When you are born of Athletic, you are born lucky. When you are playing here it’s something special. You live a different life and it has a lot of charm. For all those who are at Athletic it is a luxury, a passion, the beauty of football. In the end it is difficult not to talk about the Bielsa years because my performance was very high. There were more matches where I scored because I played in a different position. My position was special and unique to the style of play. Now I am playing on the side and in defense. Luckily I am playing regular minutes and I hope it stays that way.”

De Marcos was also asked about his favorite memories as an Athletic player and immediately pointed to the victory over Manchester United in the Europa League a few years back. He also said that there were difficult time, such as fighting relegation, but that winning the Super Cup the team is hungry for more trophies.

“I always talk about the Manchester United game because of everything that happened; the goal, the fans, my parents were there. I thought about them as soon as I scored my goal. It is something they and myself will never forget. There have been moments of suffering but those moments can make you better. I have been very lucky these yeas here. The most complicated thing was when we were fighting relegation under Bielsa, but it made us stronger. It has been good for us to appreciate when we are playing well and accomplishing things. After winning the Super Cup we are left with the desire to pull the barge. We must earn it and win a title.”

Oscar De Marcos will be taking on his former club on Sunday when Athletic travels to face off with Alaves. The 28-year-old said that he has a lot of great memories from his time growing up there and that he knows Alaves have been looking forward to this game since the season first began. The Lions are unbeaten in Basque Derbies this season and a win on Sunday would see them jump Villarreal for fifth in the league table.


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