Munoz: I’ve Been Told That I Am A Lot Like Iker Muniain

Inigo Munoz will join Bilbao Athletic this summer, fulfilling his childhood dream. The Gernika Club forward has made the move official and many are already pondering what the team will look like next season. The 20-year-old is a fast forward, who has great dribbling ability and likes to play out wide. In a recent interview, he spoke about his excitement to be joining Bilbao Athletic and also admitted that he has been compared to current Athletic star Iker Muniain.

Inigo Munoz

Muñoz will join Bilbao Athletic this summer (Image via Gernika Club)

“I was really happy when I got the news about Athletic. It is a great move for me and I am excited. I have been told that I am a lot like Iker Muniain. We are both tiny and blonde, but we understand the game and play fast. I try to play as fast as I can and make things hard for my opponents. Muniain is a very, very good player.”

Munoz also looked ahead to the remainder of his season with Gernika Club, saying that the team has to finish strong in order to avoid relegation.

“I leave for Lezama this summer, but we have things to do in Gernika first. Our fans saw us mid-season with a lot of points to aspire to something more, but now the challenge is to avoid relegation and do so as soon as possible. I was not at my best at the beginning of the season, but with more minutes I have been doing well.”

Inigo Munoz will bring a new dynamic to Bilbao Athletic. The forward is one of the fastest players in his league and can be very crafty with the ball at his feet. It is true that he has received comparisons to Iker Muniain, with some saying that his arrival could make him the heir to Athletic’s Bart Simpson. Regardless, Munoz has a long way to go to get his shot at the first team. Luckily for him, he has a high work rate and is excited about the chance to prove himself at Lezama.

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