Gorka Iraizoz Will Not Continue At Athletic Club Next Season

The writing has been on the wall for a while now. Gorka Iraizoz, who has been Athletic’s starting keeper for a decade, is now looking at the end of his road at the Basque club. Kepa Arrizabalaga, who was always seen as his heir, has already taken over the starting role and won’t be giving it back. In a recent interview, Iraizoz revealed that the club hasn’t offered him a new contract for next season and that if he wants to continue playing he will have to do so elsewhere.

Gorka Iraizoz

Iraizoz may be saying farewell to Athletic Club (Image via AS)

“I haven’t had an offer from Athletic and there is no clause either. I do not know what the future will bring, but what is more important is helping my teammates in these final games to reach our goals. I feel like I still have some things left to achieve, but life goes on.”

The 36-year-old was also asked if he has had any contact from other clubs about the next season, but the keeper was unwilling to discuss that part of his life.

“Contact from other clubs? That is a private matter, it’s not important to discuss here. My contractual situation is what it is and I will figure those things out later.”

When the current season began it was expected that Gorka Iraizoz would retire at the end of the campaign. However, with him saying that he feels that he has more left in the tank, it is possible that he could leave to join another club. One thing is certain, if Iraizoz does choose to continue playing, he will be looking for a landing spot that will guarantee that he can be the regular starting keeper

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